What We Do

Our world class marketing transformation consultants work together to harness their collective experience to deliver our core Marketing Transformation Services.

We use our proven 3D (Define-Decide-Do) process to deliver a bespoke solution from these four core services to transform our clients’ marketing organisations.

Marketing Operations

Having effective marketing operations is key to running successful campaigns as well as always-on marketing and can transform the results. Flock helps clients design best practice structures, processes, technology, strategic planning tools, benchmarks, and define the KPIs and measurement and evaluation resources to deliver on the long term marketing strategies.

Flock’s Marketing Operations covers:

  • Process – design and optimise marketing processes and standards
  • Technology – design bespoke technology suite suited to specific business needs
  • Planning – create planning tools, benchmarks, templates and shared resources
  • Accountability – define KPIs and measurement and evaluation resources

Marketing Capabilities

Flock collaborates with clients to assess, define and deliver the required capabilities to implement your transformation strategy through:

  • Skills, agency and technology audits
  • Identification of skills and capacity gaps
  • Delivery of marketing capability strategy
  • Execution of marketing training plans
  • Measurement of marketing capability impacts
  • Designing department profiles and people profiles for key positions

Marketing technology is also an important enabler for marketing but many marketers and procurement specialists are not natural ‘technologists.’ Flock understands how to choose and embed the right technology into every day working processes and can help train client and agency teams to use marketing technology to integrate effectively.

Flock’s marketing technology consulting service helps clients to:

  • Select the best integrated marketing technology for their needs
  • Achieve sizeable gains in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enhance best practice sharing across teams and countries
  • Have greater transparency and visibility of marketing activity over time
  • Deliver consistently better quality integrated marketing communications

Marketing Procurement

Flock helps clients optimise their agency rosters and transform their marketing outputs by designing new integrated agency ecosystems that deliver against the marketing strategies.

Working for both marketing and marketing procurement, Flock delivers best practice agency tender strategy, agency searches, agency pitches, agency contract negotiations, agency appraisals, agency relationship management. Flock aligns agency benchmarks, KPIs, remuneration and processes. Flock also offers production decoupling and optimisation consultancy, as well as marketing technology strategy and implementation.

Flock’s Marketing Procurement is unlike many agency pitch consultants as it:

  • Has experience of agency pitches from a marketing, procurement and agency point of view
  • Is truly independent
  • Builds integrated marketing ecosystems
  • Helps clients optimise agency roster management
  • Saves clients money

Marketing Strategy

To deliver true marketing transformation some marketing projects need specialist integrated marketing strategy support. These are normally large and complex in nature where marketing integration and alignment is required.

Flock facilitates the delivery of integrated and aligned:

  • Brand propositions
  • Marketing strategies
  • Go to market plans
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Content strategies
  • Marketing ROI measurement and evaluation

Flock acts as an extension of the client team ensuring all internal and external teams deliver the project and are aligned on one objective, one target audience, one insight, one idea, one channel plan and work with one set of KPIs to one timeline and process. Flock uses technology to ensure information is shared effectively and coordinated to save time and money.