Global Agency Ecosystem Review to Drive Growth

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Marketing Transformation Challenge:

Craft a new external agency ecosystem and manage internal changes to processes/structures/tools and technologies to enable it to flourish.

The Solution:

  • Analysis of existing agency fees, hours and project plans.
  • Flock interviewed 14 stakeholders across the world, local markets, HQ, research, marketing teams and procurement to gain a clear understanding of the processes, the issues and the opportunities.
  • Flock led a global workshop with a cross-functional global team.

Outputs & Benefits:

  • An aligned workstream plan with RASCI’s has been agreed.
  • New agency ecosystem agreed by top management.
  • Identified fee savings opportunities for new agency platform approach of up to 30%.
  • Efficiency opportunities identified: over £3.1m.

The Feedback:

“It was fantastic to have everyone in the room together and the behaviours everyone demonstrated were really good.”

“If (when) we put into action we will be in a much better place to deliver great campaigns like those

shared in the set up.”

“The work to get us to the sharing model and RASCI’s were great. Your understanding of our issues

and business was great.”