Pan European lead agency transition

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Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • New integrated agency model proposed for a Global Automotive across Europe encompassing all creative, media, and production to be implemented within a 5 month period.
  • Landing of the agency commitments of 10% savings based on similar scope of work on creative fees for advertising, digital and social + 10% savings on media pricing at a Pan-European level + 25% savings on production.
  • Securing the best media deal across the region based on transparency and auditability.
  • Creating a fair and motivating agency remuneration model and contractual framework.
  • Assessing and recommending the most appropriate data and tech solution including key 3rd party providers such as Google.

The Solution:

  • Flock immersion and analysis into all existing contracts, scopes, appraisals, agency proposals and transition plans.
  • Programmatic mentoring and utilising the Flock 3D’s process (define, decide, do) to deliver clear recommendations and actions ensuring the MarTech stack delivers business continuity, long term compliance, and data protection / transparency.
  • Commercial assessment, establishment of Pan-European baselines and saving methodologies in conjunction with the audit partners driving fact based agency negotiations.