Setting a New Business Up for Success

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Marketing Transformation Challenge

A brand new specialised recruitment company needed to lay the foundations of their marketing, brand and target audience to set themselves up for success and convincingly apply for seed funding.


  • A one day workshop to collaboratively agree upon the marketing fundamentals for the brand The Talent Tree.
  • This included a SWOT analysis of the Talent Tree Proposition and generation of strategic drivers.
  • Insight into the customer profiles for both candidates and potential employers.
  • A full customer journey exercise across the path to purchase and considering perfect media selection.
  • Co-creation of a brand purpose, assembling ideas around brand personality, emotional and functional benefits.
  • Initial thoughts on appropriate KPIs and a selection of free tools to measure them with.

Outputs & Benefits:

  • Clarity around the SWOT of the business, and the key decisions left to be made.
  • Detailed customer journeys to help define content creation.
  • Recommendations on brand purpose, positioning and strategy.
  • Strategic recommendations on customer profiling and defining a target audience.


‘Thank you very much for a fantastic workshop we enjoyed it very much and found it very useful.  The balance between structure and agility was ideal.’ NPS +100