Creative, Content & Production


Flock have deep agency insight & experience and are able to provide expert guidance in transforming your creative, content and production output.

Whether it’s supporting in the decoupling of production, building an in-house content factory or transforming an agency ecosystem. Flock have the experience and knowledge to improve your creative effectiveness.

Services we offer:

Creative Agency Ecosystems

Development and optimisation of the agency ecosystem; how many agencies? Of what type? Producing what? Measured and paid how?

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Creative & Production Pitches

End to end process for selection of world class agencies, pitches, evaluation/scoring, marketing team support, industry best practice, scoping, selection, transition and measurement.

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Production Reviews

Full review of the existing production structure, audit of current and future client deliverables, analysis of potential options (decoupling, offshore, in house, etc).

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Agency Appraisal Tool

The Flock Agency Appraisal Tool enables advertisers to review and optimise their agency relationships in a simple and efficient way.

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Agency Scoping Tool

Flock have identified a marketing industry need to simplify and bring efficiency to the agency scoping process.

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