Creative Agency Ecosystems


An agency ecosystem is the collection of partners and client resources which operate in a collaborative and co-dependent system to deliver the required marketing. Every ecosystem is different and must be constructed to consider future as well as current requirements.

At Flock, we first conduct an Ecosystem Health-check auditing current and future client requirements, followed by analysis of potential options (including agency, in-house, in-sourced, decoupled and off-shore resources using our proprietary framework).

Through a collaborative process we then develop and agree a bespoke client solution based on business requirements with an actionable and granular implementation plan.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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Ecosystem Health Check

Review of existing ecosystem, key stakeholder interviews, industry outlook (3 years out), key findings and recommendation report.

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Decide on optimal ecosystem structure

Workshops to: decide on how to transform by exploring potential ecosystem models; conduct gap analysis and reviews of in-house and decoupling options; build business case, resource and supplier analysis; deliver recommendation and implementation plans.

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Implementation of the new ecosystem

Build list of potential partners, conduct and manage RFI & RFP process, build in-house capabilities, implement and transition to new Ecosystem, implement an ongoing measurement structure.


  • Empirical business case for delivering change
  • A future-proofed, dynamic and fit for purpose agency ecosystem
  • Identify quick wins for immediate implementation
  • Cultural charter to foster long term alignment

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