Production Reviews


Flock delivers a full review of your existing production structure, an audit of current and future client production deliverables, analysis of potential options (decoupling, offshore, in-house, etc), development and agreement of a bespoke solution, the construction and execution of an implementation plan and a review of future performance and model evolution.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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Assessment of the current and future production needs — we’ll review the existing scope of work and deliverables, benchmark the costs and review production price lists.

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Identification of potential areas to in-house and decouple. We comprehensively review potential models, run a workshop to build and agree the optimal bespoke solution and build the business case.

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Identifying potential partners, running RFPs & embedding new systems — we’ll identify what is required from the implementation of the new ecosystem & potential partners, RFPs delivering a balance between cost saving and operational considerations and preparation of a transition plan.


  • A production process and system which balances cost savings with efficient delivery and high quality production assets

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