Best Practice For Digital Transformation

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This past month, Flock CEO Simon Francis joined a panel of marketing experts to discuss best practice techniques for digital transformation, facilitated by La Fosse Associates. The panel discussed the seriousness that digitisation must be taken in the world today, due to the everchanging landscape. While it is a major change in business, companies must be prepared to take these risks in innovation and governance.

La Fosse has given seven key takeaways from the event:

  1. Make sure the board is digital ready
  2. Educate the rest of the business about the importance of transformation
  3. Understand that high-quality customer experiences are crucial to success
  4. Make the most of an existing brand
  5. Use customer data without putting the business and its customers at risk
  6. Bring in expertise at the right level and at the right time
  7. Learn from your successes – and your failures

See the details on each of these takeaways on La Fosse’s latest blog post here.

We’re more than happy to discuss these points more, and how Flock may be able to help move your business forward in the digital age. For more information, get in touch with us here!

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