Festival of Media LATAM 2018

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It is that time of the year again, time for the Festival of Media Latin America, or FOMLA for short. Flock will be present as we have been at previous editions of FOMLA as well as at other Festival of Media events.

The Festival of Media LatAm is held annually in Miami, and will run from Sunday, October 28 through October 30 at the Turnberry Isle Resort.

Flock’s Maarten Albarda will preside over the Content Zone, a half day agenda on Monday afternoon, October 29, from 2:30-5:35 PM EST. Sessions include:

• Branding vs. performance campaigns – What’s the right mix for advertisers?
• The impact of video and transferring dollars from TV to digital.
• Attribution and KPIs: Why working with a last-click model is not always the right answer.

Speakers will be on stage from PepsiCo, Taboola, Fedex, Mastercard, ESPN, TV Azteca and Shutterstock.

As always, FOMLA promises to bring the industry a much needed annual opportunity to review and take stock of the events and trends that are shaping the communications industry as a whole, specifically in Latin America. LatAm is a dynamic region, with similar trends occurring as the rest of the world. However, LatAm is also unique. First of all, despite two unifying languages, there are distinct cultural and developmental differences across the various markets. Also, as a result of there only being two dominant languages, the LatAm region has pioneered some interesting consolidation and centralization approaches that are far more challenging in other regions of the world (i.e. production platforms, centralized media buys, etc.).

If you missed Flock’s FOMLA World Cup discussion with Coca-Cola’s Global head of Sponsorships, you can still watch that here.

Flock has worked with several of our clients to understand and explore the opportunities of a centralized approach while maintaining cultural differences where relevant. Feel free to ask us more via the contact details below or come and see us while we are in Miami for the event.

If you would like to grab a coffee and find out more about what Flock does get in touch – maarten.albarda@flock-associates.com

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