Flock at the Festival of Media

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Flock is delighted to announce that we’re partnering with the Festival of Media in Rome on the 18th – 20th May and hosting four exclusive brand learning sessions. The four sessions we’ll be running are:

  • How does media fit in the marketing process?
    • Where does regional, local fit vs global fit in the process? What does it mean for them?
    • If there’s a delay in regional and local’s involvement, how do you improve it?
  • Building strong sustainable and valuable partnerships
    • How to be a “good” client and a “good” agency
    • Examples of strong relationships between clients and agency
  • How to improve the relationship between marketing and procurement 
    • Examples of where we’ve seen marketing and procurement working well together
    • Ways to ensure marketing and procurement are aligned
  • Survival of the smartest
    • How to bring media capabilities and upskill your generalist marketing team
    • How to ensure media is maximised and optimised

We’ll also be hosting informal drinks at the Rome Cavalieri from 8pm on Wednesday 18th May and dinner at Al 384 Ristorante on Thursday 19th May if you’d like to unwind away from the masses! Please let us know if you’d like to join us for one of these events through emailing Liberty at liberty.saunders@flock-associates.com and we’ll ensure you’re on the list.

However if these sessions clash with your diary, please let us know (via liberty.saunders@flock-associates.com) and we’d be happy to organise a separate meeting with you.

To get more of a flavour of some of the areas we’ll be looking at, have a look at our blogs:

See you in Rome!

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