What not to miss at DMEXCO 2018

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Flock are excited to be attending DMEXCO18 next week, 12th-13th September 2018. DMEXCO is a hub for industry professionals in digital business, media, marketing and innovation to come together, network and share insights. The event is two days long and packed with exhibitors, seminars and debates.

We’ve selected 6 (of many!) key conferences that we’re looking forward to:

  1. Revolution or Evolution: How global media houses create the future – MEDIA

Speakers: Dominique Delport (VICE Media), Kelly Day (Viacom), James Cooper (Adweek)

Overview: “VIACOM and VICE – two media-houses with lifestyle- and youth-brands that are famous around the world. Both started decades ago with new and innovative content concepts and in no matter of time they grew to be love brands in their target audiences. Now – in 2018 – in a world of changing viewer habits, new creators and multiple media entering the worldwide markets, how do VIACOM and VICE stake their claims? Listen to VIACOM’s Kelly Day and VICE’s Dominique Delport discussion on our Congress Stage: How do they face their biggest challenges? How do they embrace digital change in creation, distribution and on an organisational level? What content and advertising strategies do they pursue and where do they see their future?”

Wednesday 12.09.2018 at 13:40 – 14:05
Congress Stage

  1. The State of Programmatic: Who has got the power in the magic triangle? – TECH

Speakers: Rasmus Giese (United Internet Media), Maike Abel (Nestlé Deutschland), Oliver Vesper (Smartclip & SpotX), Melanie Hughes (Vogelbacher) (Q division), Bernd Fauser (Google), Lothar Prison (Publicis Media)

Overview: “Automated Marketing seems to give the power back to the advertiser. With direct bookings of inventory the advertising industry is working directly with the publisher and is becoming independent from media agencies. How is the power actually shifting? Who is the new leader in the advertising triangle?”

Wednesday 12.09.2018 at 16:30 – 17:00
Debate Stage

  1. The Next Mission in Marketing – MARKETING

Speakers: Philipp Markmann (L’Oréal Deutschland), Tim Alexander (Deutsche Bank), Florian Haller (Serviceplan Group), Kirsten Brückner (Mobile.de)

Overview: “We are in the midst of a new Era of Marketing. It´s overwhelming: What once was set in stone is slowly fading away. But, hey, how great is that? Everything can be re-organized and re-invented – that´s the dynamic attitude of three CMOs of top brands. Learn from those innovative leaders how to adopt Data Management Platforms, Blockchain as well as AR, VR and AI enriching marketing communication, increasing reach and building awareness like never before.”

Wednesday 12.09.2018 at 17:25 – 17:55
Congress Stage

  1. Diversity does not stop with gender – BUSINESS

Speakers: Shelley Zalis (The Female Quotient), Jennifer Whelan (Criteo), Alicia Hatch (Deloitte Digital), Saskia Steinacker (Bayer)

Overview: “Would you claim your company as diverse? The importance of an end-to-end diversity strategy within a company has enormous impact on many other aspects. When your company’s diversity includes ethically, culturally and LGBT aspects and also processes for inclusion then you are already way ahead. Results of a lived diversity strategy impact each of your teams and departments in the same way as your existing customer. But is this status already the end? What are the concrete steps have already been taken and what needs to be done for a further development of diversity? Let’s hear what some of the most successful female leader has to report about their diversity journey. Don’t miss this impressive panel!”

Wednesday 12.09.2018 at 18:00 – 18:30
Congress Stage

  1. Transformation in an age of disruption – MEDIA

Speaker: Max Conze (ProSiebenSat.1 Media)

Overview:“Transformation? No job at the push of a button. The dynamism in our markets, the massive cultural shift and the disruptive forces at play require continuous reflection, adaptation and enormous innovative strength from us. Everything is questioned. The good thing about it: we have the ability to actively shape this change. The key to success: courage, a willingness to take risks and a willingness to change – and a focus on employees. A progress report and call to action…”

Thursday 13.09.2018 at 11:05 – 11:35
Congress Stage

  1. Digital Transformation: Coty’s Five Year Plan – FUTURE

Speakers: Jason Forbes (COTY), Vittorio Bonori (Zenith)

Overview: “Addressing radically changing consumer behaviour, aggressive market challenges and rapid developments in technology, global brands are investing in digital transformation to reimagine their approach. Coty is a global leader in beauty, and to stay at the forefront of the market has embarked on an ambitious transformation programme, working with global communications partner Zenith. In this session, Coty will talk about how their transformational approach to data, brand experience, automation and commerce is enabling them to take command across new consumer journeys. They will share learnings on how they are evolving their organizational model, working differently with their agency partners, and embracing innovation from end to end.”

Thursday 13.09.2018 at 14:25 – 14:50
Debate Stage

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