Flock Marketing Culture Changer

Do you have a brilliant marketing culture?

Culture is a simple idea – “the way we do things around here.” It is critically important to team success. But culture is often not actively cultivated or maintained.

Flock’s Culture Changer begins by defining the scope for the culture – is it within marketing team culture or the marketing culture of the organisation as a whole?

Once scope is defined, Flock objectively assess the current team culture: what do team members believe it to be, how consistently is it understood, how comprehensive is it, how well is it followed by leaders and how distinctive and positive is it? This assessment is completed through interviews and self-completion questionnaires and is enriched by comparison with best practice from other, similar organisations.

Flock addresses issues by facilitating team workshops and smaller leadership sessions to develop a future state and an action plan.

A vibrant marketing culture improves marketing effectiveness and reduces staff churn.