Capability Assessment


The Flock Capability Assessment Service provides marketers with a quick, easy and flexible way to assess their skills, as individuals and teams. We compare your skills assessment with our industry benchmarks, to enable the identification of skills gaps and improvement of learning & development plans, organisation design, succession planning and recruitment.

We have a bank of pre-defined skills, an online survey and data processing and reporting tools, that can be tailored and configured to match the exact profile and requirements of your team and business.

Our approach has been proven to work with teams from 15 to 1500 marketers and an assessment can be completed in 6-12 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your needs.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

Define Blue Transparent PNG resized

We work with you and your team to agree the skills to be assessed and the benchmarks you want to compare current skills to.

Decide Blue Transparent PNG resized

We finalise the configuration of the survey tool and identify the key areas to focus on when reporting the results.

Do Blue Transparent PNG resized

We’ll analyse these and make recommendations based on our findings.

Our bank of pre-defined skills covers all marketing disciplines and all levels. Our skill definitions are easy to understand and ratings are designed to be evidence based, so that team members can support their skills assessment and be given clear guidance on what they need to do to attain the next level of competence.

We have completed assessments with teams that are large and small, in single and multiple markets and focusing on a wide-range of specialisations, with a particular emphasis on digital skills and data-driven marketing.


  • A definition of the key skills you require for marketers, by role and level, with benchmark skill levels.
  • A presentation of the key findings and recommendations.
  • Access to the full survey data at a consolidated team level and by individual participant, for use in personal development discussions.
An example of how capabilities assessment data is analysed and reported
An example of how assessment data drives strategic recommendations for capability building

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