Marketing for Corporate Finance

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Marketing Optimisation for Private Equity and Venture Capital


Whilst private equity and venture capital companies understand finance, debt, property, strategy, and technology for most, marketing is a “grey space” where they lack expert knowledge.


If the companies being invested in are “marketing intensive” i.e. highly reliant upon marketing or spend a significant amount on marketing then Flock’s marketing for corporate finance service can help.


No matter if the goal is to find savings from the existing marketing budget or to make the existing marketing spend work harder, Flock will help deliver greater marketing effectiveness.


Flock’s marketing for corporate finance service can also support on due diligence for a potential investment where the viability of the marketing structure and budget plus the potential upside needs to be established.


Flock’s marketing for corporate finance service will:

  • Audit: calculate the true cost of marketing, what is being delivered for the money spent and the value achieved. Flock will audit the brand, advise if it is in good shape and on what is it worth.
  • Analyse: how the marketing ecosystem works and could work better by finding opportunities to improve performance and save money
  • Act: work with management to implement any changes required and measure the benefits

The objective is always to optimise marketing investment and build an efficient, sustainable, marketing ecosystem that saves money and delivers more sales.


Flock’s short, intensive service is designed to be flexible for the needs of corporate financiers, giving investors and corporate financiers confidence that marketing investment and budgets are optimised.