A British client, German creative and a very French looking production

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It sounds like a bad joke does it not – three nations not known for their ability to get along harmoniously, producing something spectacular.

However, a minute or two from Flock HQ that is exactly what is happening; the production of something spectacular (if a little controversial).

There is an eight year history of temporary art that fills the empty Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, (the very epitomy of Britishness and National Pride) and the next sculpture being considered is the work of a German artist.

Düsseldorf-based Katharina Fritch’s huge sculpture of a cockerel in ultramarine blue bears a striking likeness to the French National symbol. It is due to be revealed on 20th July – subject to approval by council planners today, May the 7th 2013.


As with many creative endeavours there is a last minute challenge as the outraged Thorney Island Society, have written to Westminster Council saying the giant fiberglass bird would be “totally inappropriate, however fanciful and dramatic it might appear to be”. And, here you can see what some elements of the British Press think of the idea: Daily Mail Article

We think Oscar Wilde got it right when he said “life imitates art far more than art imitates life” and what is happening right outside our office window is the perfect allegory for the way modern commercial production has become a cross border and complex concern these days.

The making of multi-channel consumer content often involves a matrix of different talent and a complex supply chain, each bringing their own specific skills to the production party. While it is true that talent gravitates towards where the work is, often with large-scale productions there is nearly always a blend of nationalities across a number of locations.

Independent expert counsel, experienced production support, and cost management drive efficiencies that are not possible within the confines of a Client organisation – perspective, benchmarking and experience are the essentials.

When you need your multi-country Agency Account, Planning, Creative and Production teams and their 3rd party Production Companies to work better together, get in touch for a chat, pour discuter, zu plauder, in whatever language you prefer (Contact us).

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