Flock launches software for developing integrated content production strategies

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Flock Content Calendar Creator

After media costs, many clients’ next biggest budget item is their production budget.

The demands of social media and content marketing mean that many clients will be producing far more content in the coming years than ever before. When more content is required but production budgets are not rising, clients must find new efficient ways of optimising their production budgets.

Many clients have told us that they have multiple agencies producing multiple campaigns and hundreds and thousands of pieces of content; we are working with a client on one project which has seventeen content producers. The complexity of a client’s marketing services ecosystem make it hard for clients to manage their production budget efficiently.

The Flock Content Calendar Creator is designed to help clients manage their production budgets more effectively.

Flock Content Calendar Creator.v1

The Flock Content Calendar Creator allows clients to:

  • See all the content that is being planned in one place, in a consistent format
  • Prioritise the production of content based on Return on Investment estimates, thus improving budget effectiveness
  • Seek production budget efficiencies through benchmarking and the development of smart sourcing strategies

How does the Flock Content Calendar Creator work?

Step 1: Each of a clients’ agencies or internal production centres enters the details of the content they plan to make, into the Flock Content Calendar Creator. The user friendly software captures details on the nature of the content, the budgets, timings, technical details, associated media costs, and importantly prompts for estimated response for each piece of content.

Step 2: The client can then see all campaigns, by country, by agency, by campaign, by time-period, by media and benchmark the cost estimates and the response estimates, to find efficiency. The biggest gains in production efficiency are made through this upfront prioritisation and planning. The client may also choose to work with their procurement colleagues and Flock’s production consultants to put in place an optimal sourcing strategy for production.

Flock Content Calendar Creator.v2

Step 3: The client can also encourage the integration and multiple use of the content that is created leading to greater consistency and use of the proven best quality video and still imagery.

Flock Content Calendar Creator.v3

The Flock Content Calendar Creator offers its users the following benefits:

  • To be able to see a fully integrated Content Calendar by country, by brand, by media, by agency
  • To be able to prioritise content production
  • To be able to optimise content production sourcing strategies
  • To be able to benchmark costs and effectiveness
  • Ultimately the Flock Content Calendar Creator saves clients’ money, and makes the production budget more effective.

If you would like to know more about the Flock Content Calendar Creator or have a product demonstration of the system, please do not hesitate to contact us here

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