Workflow Technology Management


Designing bespoke technology solutions to efficiently power marketing operations.

Over the last 5 years, the number of marketing technologies available in the marketplace has multiplied by more than 20 to well over nearly 4000 players — naturally, the space has become fragmented and complex, yet technology now plays a central role in helping to achieve your marketing operations.

Flock will help navigate you through this complex landscape and work with you to ensure the technology you use will fit into your broader operating model, making sure that the people and process work with technology in the right ways to deliver the business outcomes you need.


Through conducting stakeholder interviews and assessing your data and information, Flock will:

  • Ascertain the current state of your MarTech stack
  • Audit of current tech supplier contracts and rate cards
  • Align staff with new processes and advise on technology gaps
  • Compare your processes to best practice, industry benchmarks and the future of tech in your space
  • Support you in the creation and delivery of a technology road-map that supports your business needs
  • Find the right tech supplier through an RFP process
  • Implementation support for new technology solutions

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