Flock at the ANA Advertising Financial Media Conference

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To say that the marketing industry is experiencing a challenging time of constant change is an understatement. Never before were so many of our industry fundamentals under question; from transparency to contracts to agency holding company models to data ownership and agency leadership, there seems to be a constant news cycle surrounding marketing and advertising. Flock Associates is uniquely created to make sense of all these issues, and to translate these challenges into smart opportunities that save money and solve pain points.

Flock is excited to be attending the ANA Advertising Financial Media Conference in Hollywood, Florida, April 29th through May 2nd. We are looking forward to taking part in conversations surrounding the ever-changing world of marketing ecosystems.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

• Transparency, Efficiency, and Scale in Production
• Agency Compensation Models
• Marketing Procurement Talent and the Mentoring Program
• Production Best Practices
• Taking Control of Programmatic
• Transforming Data and Analytics to Drive ROI

These topics parallel our services and experience. Our Flock USA CEO, Maarten Albarda will be in attendance along with Procurement Consultant, Mandy Huff, and we would love to share our thoughts on these with you.

We look forward to seeing you at the welcome reception and the remainder of the event!

Should you wish to meet separately with Flock Associates, please email Meg Grubbs at meg.grubbs@flock-associates.com, and we would be delighted to schedule a time.

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