Flock understand that at the heart of all marketing is a strong brand. You may not have a strategy, you made need to update it, or to realign your organisation to it.

Flock will help you effectively build a better brand. Our experienced consultants have proven templates, workshop techniques, and research approaches to create and manage the strongest of brands.

Services we offer:

Marketing Strategy

We have developed multiple strategies for major brands including marketing, digital, transformation, transition and brand strategy to name a few.

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Brand Development

Flock will support you in developing your brand proposition, values, vision, behaviours and positioning to ensure you are a brand fit for the future.

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Team Alignment

We have helped major brands ensure that the marketing department is aligned and clear on their role and purpose in the marketing agenda. Also, often used to align agencies and brands behind one strategy.

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Marketing Workshops

We have run over 100 workshops for major brands all over the world achieving an average NPS score of +47. Our workshops are highly interactive and an excellent tool for stakeholder management.

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