Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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Celebrate the best marketing of the year this awards season.

At Flock there is nothing we love more than celebrating integrated marketing success. As the awards season for the entertainment industry is well under way, we step back and look at some of the best marketing efforts of 2014. Any excuse for a party.

Most Integrated Communication

Instant Hero: One Water

This One Water campaign is impressively integrated and represents a brand with a truly great cause. Instant Hero plays on the fantastic concept that for every bottle of One Water bought, all profits go to providing water in poor communities around the world through initiatives such as the training of 46 community water management groups in Angola. As part of the initiative, consumers can create and share Hero selfies, win prizes, take quizzes and petition shops to stock the product. The social campaign also comprises of a hashtag, twibbon and the ability to share heroic deeds and nominate heroes of the week. The campaign has gone global and is generating awareness and profits for this exceptional charity.

Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Best Outdoor Advertising

Pepsi Max: Unbelievable Bus Shelter – AMVBBDO March 2014

Not only is this video funny and the idea incredibly imaginative, but extra points are given for the great integration between an old-school method of advertising (the traditional bus shelter) and the innovative use of unique technology. It was also a very successful campaign in terms of numbers, amassing almost 7 million views since March 2014 and within the first seven days it had already been shared 24,732 times on YouTube, 1,861 times on Twitter and 22,871times on Facebook.

Best Viral Campaign

Always #LikeAGirl – Leo Burnett June 2014

This campaign has been chosen for two reasons. Firstly, on a viral level it was hugely successful. It has over 1.48 million shares and continues to enjoy a burgeoning social presence thanks to its Superbowl spot and catchy hashtag. Secondly, it is a truly revolutionary campaign. Not only is it a piece of excellent brand advertising for both Always and P&G, but it brings issues of gender equality to the forefront of discussion and this continues to be an extremely important topic, which at Flock we are passionate about.

Flock’s favourite celebrity endorsement

Diet Coke – Taylor Swift

A wise Flocker once said that cats own the Internet. Arguably, then, this cute combination of millennial powerhouses Taylor Swift, Diet Coke and Internet cats is the best endorsement call of the year. Sugary sweet on all fronts, Taylor is the perfect choice for the target audience and the video already has over 3 million views and 4,300 shares.

Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns

If you would like your campaigns to be as well integrated and as successful as these, we can help you. Get in touch here and perhaps it will be your brand on the countdown next year…

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