Which retailers did well with their integrated marketing offers this Christmas season?

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For retail marketers, Christmas demands the perfect balance of creativity and integrated strategy. To excel this year, retailers had to go further than ever before to create integrated marketing ideas, in-store experiences and effective campaigns. We have selected some of our favourite integrated retail campaigns of the season to share with you. How does your marketing measure up against these?

1. Cross-Channel Integrated Strategy

John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns have delighted audiences over the past few years. This year’s effort, a tear-jerking tribute to Monty the Penguin, continued the retailer’s expert use of a cross-channel integrated strategy. Digital adverts across London, a radio-worthy soundtrack, a twitter page for Monty and stuffed penguins available in-store ensured the brand was present in all aspects of the consumer’s Christmas experience.

Watch the making of the commercial:

2. Using the right channels for the right content

The social use of Vine videos has grown exponentially over the past year and it seems Asda has got in on the act. This clever Vine is ripe for sharing. It creates a brand personality and awareness. It is not about selling a product so much as getting the brand in front of people and fits in with their wider campaign as an enjoyable extra. Watch it here.

3. Use of Space

Often forgotten in the age of social and digital, external advertising can be a marvellous way of creating a splash in a busy marketplace. In the case of Flock’s favourites, the marketplace is not metaphorical – our office, situated next to Covent Garden, overlooked some stunning displays from Burberry and Lego which not only generated brand awareness, but perfect photo opportunities to be shared all over social media.

Which Retailers did their integrated marketing well this Christmas?

4. Social Media and Social Responsibility

The Two Fairies campaign by Marks and Spencer is not only a memorable piece of creative but a successful social phenomenon in its own right. Before the television adverts had launched @TheTwoFairies already had 12,000 followers on twitter, spreading joy and festive cheer by surprising offices and hospitals with Christmas gifts and setting up a ‘good deed feed’. The social campaign created a buzz around the fairies who would then go on to dominate the retailer’s Christmas Campaign, but it also created a wonderful and generous brand image which will stretch on into the new year.

Which retailers did their integrated marketing well this Christmas?

5. Thought Counts

Not big, brash or showy, the Foyles Campaign is one of our favourites this year. A selection of well-placed advertisements that provoke thought with a careful balance of self-deprecation and intelligent humour to turn the public’s thoughts to giving a book this Christmas.

Which retailers did integrated marketing well this Christmas?

The one thing that each of these integrated creative ideas has “behind them” is the time, the process, and the right agency ecosystem and resources to bring them to life. Christmas 2015 is just 355 days away and counting, what will you do next year? Get in touch to see how we can help here.

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