We’ve run over 100 workshops for major brands all over the world. This year achieving an average net promoter score (NPS) score of +76.

Our workshops are highly interactive and an excellent tool for stakeholder management.

Flock have delivered over 100 workshops worldwide, covering a very wide range of topics as they continue to deliver fast positive results



At Flock all our deliverables are bespoke to our clients, but here are a common few:

Team building

Getting people together, offsite can reset teams and establish new ones.

Shared ownership

Collective buy-in on visions, ways of working etc improves accountability.

Fast track

Speed up the process by getting together to speed up decisions & conversations.

Best practice

Forum for sharing best practice and to hear from different markets/people.

Action plan

People and teams leave with clear next steps and a roadmap for delivery.

We don’t believe in handing off work to a facilitator. A senior member of Flock will be with you from start to finish.

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