Media Operations


We can help develop efficient and measurable ways of managing, deploying and reporting on media and show how it connects with the rest of your marketing

Media has never been more complicated - there is such a lot of data! There’s media data for strategic planning, for implementation planning, for future media buying, from past media buying and, critically, data from the result of actual media implementation and sales, all can be used to enhance return on media investment. This media data comes from multiple sources, technologies, agencies, auditors and media owners have many tools at their disposal, and they all cost money! It can be overwhelming.

Flock work with some of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers to make sense of media operations, to organise data and to build effective KPIs that can improve media effectiveness & efficiency.

Our independence ensures the right data gets used in the right way to drive an advertiser’s business, not just fit an agency’s, media auditor’s, or media owner’s agenda.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

Define Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • The business’s media objectives and priorities
  • The questions that need to be answered by data
Decide Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • The most effective KPIs to drive performance
  • The most effective datasets and technologies
  • The most effective reporting formats and processes to harness them
Do Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Eliminate un-necessary media data
  • Optimise useful media data
  • Add new, informative media data
  • Implement new processes, dashboards, and reporting to improve insights

Many of our clients have seen quite profound performance enhancements by improving their use of marketing & media data, including:

  • 15% decreases in Cost per Acquisition
  • 25% reductions in programmatic data and tech costs, with a 5% enhancement of performance
  • 12% reductions in media budget for same reach and quality
  • 7% improvements in ROI

We have centuries of combined practical experience in working with media agencies, media auditors and media owners and are independent from all – freeing us to give solid, neutral advice crafted for your needs


  • The most useful KPIs
  • Processes and reports to optimise performance
  • Ultimately, better return in media investment and more effective & efficient media deployment

Customer experience: Measurement framework example

At Flock we find simple and effective data stacks to drive your media and marketing performance.

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