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Media Tools & Data


We are able to advise, seek and onboard the very latest media tools and data using out impartial knowledge of the marketplace, ensuring the right fit for your business.

The AdTech market can be confusing. There are so many constantly-changing AdTech tools and technologies and for companies merging or pivoting, choosing a solution can be no mean feat.

Flock help advertisers select the right media tools and techniques. We help you assess your needs, find the best partners, and help implement and operationalise the tools.

Many advertisers are contemplating in-housing or in-sourcing media, AdTech tools and technologies for transparency, safety, and privacy. Flock can help you build your proprietary AdTech stack.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

Define Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Set objectives
  • Develop needs and use cases
  • Build business case
Decide Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Screen for media and AdTech tools and technology
  • Run tenders and tests
Do Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Help with commercial negotiations
  • Help with implementation
  • Optimise performance
  • Review

Flock have a unique mix of marketers, media experts, technologists and data scientists that we can deploy to help build your proprietary AdTech suite and stack. 


  • Clarity on requirements
  • Objective screening
  • Selection of (Ad)tech/data vendors
  • Implementation
  • Ultimately, a new better adtech set of tools and technologies to enhance marketing performance


  • Marketing knowledge
  • Media expertise
  • Technology expertise
  • Data science expertise

Media consultancies

  • Marketing knowledge
  • Media expertise
  • Technology expertise
  • Data science expertise

Technology consultancies

  • Marketing knowledge
  • Media expertise
  • Technology expertise
  • Data science expertise

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