Flock’s Second Anniversary

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Flock Associates Second Anniversary

On 17th January 2015, at Flock we celebrate our second anniversary. Two years ago, it was our aim to create an integrated marketing and marketing transformation consultancy. We think we have achieved that. We help marketers and marketing procurement to get the best marketing structures and select the right agencies i.e. run agency pitches. We get clients and agencies to work together as an integrated marketing team. Flock also project manages key marketing initiatives e.g. new marketing campaigns and launches and we measure marketing effectiveness across all marketing channels.

To sum up what we have been up to since out last birthday, we present to you our year in numbers:

  • £32 million saved for clients
  • Over £200,000 of investment raised
  • 15 new shareholders
  • 17 new clients (4x Retail, 2x Technology, 1x Entertainment, 1x Tourism, 2x Property, 1x Telecommunications, 2x Finance, 1x Recruitment, 1x Crowdfunder, 1x Education, 1x E-tailer,)
  • 2 marketing transformation assignments
  • 7 ecosystem reviews
  • 2 pitch reviews
  • 4 brand positioning assignments
  • 5 marketing launch plans
  • 8 countries visited
  • 34,000 web page views
  • 22,000 views of our videos
  • 13,400 unique website visitors
  • Website visitors from over 100 countries
  • Over 30 blogs published, read by over 11,000 people
  • 460,800 steps climbed to our 4th floor HQ by the Flockers (Flockers have legs of steel!)
  • 4 Cheese & Wine events
  • 19.2kg of cheese consumed
  • 2 Flock Forums
  • 4 seminars with the World Federation of Advertisers
  • 3 speeches for training seminars on marketing integration
  • 3 webinars for the EACA and WFA
  • 1 murmuration of starlings sited
  • 5 new Flockers
  • Client Net Promoter Score of +22
  • 12 workshops run
  • 1 new office in the USA
  • 365 times the sweet jar was filled
  • 16,481 post-its notes used
  • 142 sharpies used
  • 35 cups of tea consumed on average in the office per day
  • Bottles of wine consumed… We won’t go there.

It has been an incredibly busy and wonderful year for us at Flock and we have learnt a lot in our growth. Roll on year number three! If you want to discuss how we can help you make the most of your marketing in 2015, contact us here.


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