Marketing New Year’s Resolutions from Top CMOs and Experts

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Flock Associates Happy New Year

As the year draws to a close and marketers finalise their plans and budgets for the months ahead, it is the perfect time to consider what you need to do to win in 2016.

Flock took the opportunity to ask expert marketers across the world what they would really like to achieve this New Year to make their marketing output truly world class next year. We asked CMO’s and top experts from CPG, Automotive, Quick Service Restaurants, Media and Hospitality to contribute anonymously and give us their views. Here they are:

“I wish that marketers would learn to focus on just a few things and do them BRILLIANTLY. Less is truly more in modern marketing.”

When it comes to marketing, the customer, not complexity, should be at the heart of the matter. A simple, well-aligned strategy executed brilliantly will always prove to be more effective than lots of “bits” of misaligned activity.

“I wish that my teams would think about the quality of execution and activation of marketing internally first and gain alignment with their fellow marketers in the business.”

Gaining an aligned view of “what great looks like” across all internal markets and departments is an important part of the modern marketing process that drives quality, but also drives efficiency.

“I think we need to drive strong project management of campaigns both with the agencies but other marketeers within the business and how it links to drive sales.”

The “how” of marketing is growing in importance as complexity grows and developing a robust, deep process is often overlooked or not resourced appropriately.

“I wish that more marketers were brave enough to build a company purpose, align the brand strategy and organisational values and create a inside out brand experience through its employees.”

Building a strong marketing culture centred around the consumer is a key factor of success, but it’s too easily forgotten as short term decisions and pressures take over.

So, if those are their marketing New Year’s resolutions, what are yours? How will you make sure you stick to them?

Maybe some of our recent blogs can provide some inspiration and advice and if you need any help, we’re always here to make your New Year’s wishes come true. Get in touch.

Happy (Marketing) New Year from all at Flock.

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