Capability Assessment Tool


What are the gaps between the capabilities my marketing team has today and what they need to deliver the marketing strategy to meet the needs of consumers, customers and the business? And how do I fill those gaps?

The Flock Capability Assessment Tool provides specific and objective answers to these questions.

Our Assessment Tool is built around a competency framework that is tailored to your specific needs, with a combination of Technical and Team Competencies that capture the skills you consider most important to the effectiveness of your team. This unique approach enables assessment of deep role-specific skills e.g. Media Planning, Experiential, alongside broader ‘whole-team’ skills e.g. Integrated Marketing Communications, Performance Marketing.

The competency framework is complemented by a ‘marketing infrastructure’ assessment, examining the broader capabilities marketing teams need to get the best out their people e.g. process, technology solutions and data.

Marketers assess their ability to know, do and teach each area of competency. These assessments are compared to the assessments of their Line Manager and custom Benchmarks, to identify competence levels and gaps spanning Knowledge, through Proficiency to Mastery.

Completing an Assessment is quick and easy. With the input of you and your team we configure the tool to meet the detailed needs of your organisation, send out assessment links to your team and then compile, analyse and present actionable results to you within a matter of weeks.

Outputs of the Capability Assessment:

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Marketing Operations Review

Do you have a handle on your marketing operations?

Both successful campaigns and always-on marketing activities are dependent on effective marketing operations.

Flock Marketing Operations Review will independently and neutrally assess your current ways of working, to ensure the most efficient use of time and to highlight pain points and opportunities.

Broadly speaking, the Flock Marketing Operations Review looks at four key areas:

  • Process – designing and optimising marketing processes and standards
  • Technology and Data – designing bespoke technology suites suited to specific business needs
  • Planning – creating planning tools, benchmarks, templates and shared resources
  • Accountability – defining KPIs, measurement and evaluation resources

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Marketing Development Workshops

Our workshops are designed with your specific needs in mind and will help deliver the outcomes you need. Whether its corralling your teams to reach a decision or needing guidance on how to shape a strategy, brand positioning or work streams, Flock can help. We have a number of tried and tested techniques with proven results that have included global alignment of teams, group buy in on transformational requirements and agreements on cultural change.  Flock have worked with the likes of Diageo, Jack Wills, Sega, McDonald’s, T-Mobile and Toyota in delivering a pace and stakeholder buy in that can only really be achieved in a workshop environment.

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Agency Contract Review

Have your agency contracts kept pace?

It is fair to say that the advertising and marketing world continues to keep changing at a very fast pace. This is true for the exciting stuff like targeting, content creation, media and digital connections and so much more.

But, even more so perhaps for you legal contracts, do you know what your current contracts say regarding where your content can be placed without incurring extra cost? Who owns the data that your digital media creates? Do you have “safe placement” clauses for online media? Do you have the right to audit and review the financial management of your budgets?

Whether you are pitching, or just reviewing your agency contracts, we can help clear the surrounding fog and offer some much valued transparency.

We have negotiated over $3billion of contract value for the world’s most demanding clients, working with all the major holding companies and legal firms.

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Agency Pitch Management

Do you need a pitch? Or just an agency re-set?

Flocks first step is to honestly assess if a pitch is the best next thing for your organisation. It may be that fixing your agency relationship is better than holding a disruptive pitch.

We have however, collectively run over 250 pitches across all continents. These have been creative pitches, media pitches, digital and ROI agency pitches, marketing tech pitches and so much more.

Flock runs pitches from long listing potential partners to short-lists, invites, RFI’s, RFP’s, scoring and judging, contract negotiations, remunerations models, and transition.

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