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Agency Contract Review

Have your agency contracts kept pace?

It is fair to say that the advertising and marketing world continues to keep changing at a very fast pace. This is true for the exciting stuff like targeting, content creation, media and digital connections and so much more.

But, even more so perhaps for you legal contracts, do you know what your current contracts say regarding where your content can be placed without incurring extra cost? Who owns the data that your digital media creates? Do you have “safe placement” clauses for online media? Do you have the right to audit and review the financial management of your budgets?

Whether you are pitching, or just reviewing your agency contracts, we can help clear the surrounding fog and offer some much valued transparency.

We have negotiated over $3billion of contract value for the world’s most demanding clients, working with all the major holding companies and legal firms.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you.