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Flock Marketing Recruitment

How do I find the world’s best marketing talent?

Flock has a partnership with Grace Blue, who sit at the cross-section of the media, marketing and communications space – meaning that they find the best possible candidates, not just the best available.

Flock will work with you to ensure that all vacancies have an up-to-date competency profile and job description. The competency framework and job description serve as the brief for the recruitment process.

When the recruitment is external, Flock deploys their Executive Search partner, Grace Blue Worldwide to find suitable candidates. If recruitment includes an element of internal “search”, Flock provides the tools to objectively assess the competency versus the desired profile.

The Flock Marketing Recruitment is often linked to a Marketing Skills Builder program by Flock, where having identified competency gaps we then help the organisation to fill those vacancies.

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