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Marketing Customer Experience Strategy

Happy customers are loyal customers and a key driver of that happiness is their interaction with your brand across the total organisation. A Customer Experience (CX) strategy will ensure you optimise and continually improve these interactions, delivering higher customer satisfaction rates, increased loyalty and improved revenues and profits.

Flock helps you build a range of capabilities to ensure your customer’s experiences are optimal at all stages of their path to purchase:

  • Customer personas to allow the creation and delivery of a range of targeted and relevant experiences, within the overall vision
  • A distinctive and actionable vision for the entire customer experience – defining what makes your CX different and better
  • Tools to track customer and staff feedback in real time, to identify what is working and what needs fixing across bought, owned and earned channels
  • Building tools and methods for developing employee skills, so that they can consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences
  • Measurement of the business impact of CX investment, using tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS) to show the impact on customer intent

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