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Marketing Organisation Design

How should your marketing department be structured for effectiveness and efficiency?

Flock’s Marketing Organisation Design service is underpinned by three key principles:

1. Effective ways of working should come ahead of organisational demarcation, so team structures must support and not define the business processes the team owns and is part of.
2. The statement of roles and responsibilities for each part of the organisation is as important as the position and number of boxes in an organigram.
3. The marketing team structure is one element of marketing capability and all elements (people, process, partners, etc.) must be aligned in order to make change sustainable.

To create the ideal organisation design we review marketing outputs and outcomes and their impact on structure. The review will be driven by interviews with team members (internal marketers, internal and external stakeholders) and analysis of documentation e.g. organisation charts, process maps, etc.

Flock will recommend potential improvements to your structure and work with you through workshops and meetings to arrive at a final, desired marketing team structure. We will also identify any other areas of capability that need simultaneous improvement, e.g. clarified processes, enhanced people skills, etc. to support sustained increases in team performance

Flock will work with you to define and execute a detailed action plan to introduce the desired changes, ensuring the synchronisation of any linked improvements to other elements of capability.

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