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Marketing Process Design

How can a better marketing process improve effectiveness and efficiency?

At its very best, process design can realise the full potential of marketing teams, enabling all team members (internal and external) to follow the same steps to deliver key activities, ensuring optimal speed, resourcing and transparency. At its worst, process design can tie-up marketers in bureaucratic knots and constrain creativity.

Flock Marketing Process Design will ensure your marketing team have ways of working that bring out the best in them, by:

  • Identifying and agreeing with you the key activities that will be improved by formal process (re)design
  • Mapping the existing ways of working for these key activities, in a format that works best for your team
  • Agreeing with you ways to improve processes i.e. where could improvements be made, what would be the business benefit, what would be the cost of change?
  • Communicating new ways of working to team members (internal and external)
  • Configuring on-line systems to embed processes, make them quicker and easier to follow and increase transparency
  • Adjusting agency scopes of work so they reflect and support the newly designed processes
  • Building in-house capabilities to monitor adherence to key process steps and to map and optimise processes

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