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Marketing Skills Builder

What skills does my marketing team need? Do they have them? How do I get them?

The Flock Skills Builder provides you with up to date and actionable answers to these questions.

At the heart of the Skills Builder is a marketing competency framework for all key roles within the marketing team. This framework describes the skills and knowledge required for each role and how they can be acquired e.g. self-learning, formal training, etc.

The Skills Builder begins by matching the roles within your organisation to roles in the marketing competency framework.

Flock will then work with you to assess current competencies and identify skills and gaps. The assessment will be completed through interviews and/or self-completion questionnaires and will categorise competencies on a scale from ‘needs improvement’ to ‘maintain’.

Flock will provide you with a set of prioritised recommended actions for achieving the desired levels of competency and an outline action plan.

Better skills result in better marketing.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you.