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Marketing Tech Stack

Do you have a fully integrated marketing tech stack?

Over the last 5 years the number marketing technologies available in the marketplace has multiplied by more than 20 times to well over nearly 4000 players – the space has become fragmented and complex.  Yet technology now plays a central role in helping to achieve your marketing strategy.

Flock will help navigate you through this complex landscape, optimise your technology and enable to you reduce inefficiency within your organisation and enhance the return on your marketing spend. Key components of a target technology stack will help avoid costly and time-consuming work-arounds, duplication of effort, and drive insight into customers and campaign success.

Through conducting stakeholder interviews and assessing your data and information, Flock will:

  • Ascertain the current state of your martech stack,
  • Understand your communications strategy
  • Compare this to best practice, industry benchmarks and the future of tech in your space
  • Plot and support you in the creation and delivery of a technology roadmap that supports your business needs.

Critically Flock will work with you to ensure the technology will fit into your broader operating model, making sure that the people and process work with technology to deliver the business outcomes you need.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you.