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Marketing Toolkit Development

It can be a struggle to get a marketing organisation to enthusiastically adopt new integration principles and good ideas, despite the obvious effectiveness and efficiency benefits.
Marketing Toolkits are often created to solve this problem, dealing with brand positioning, creative guidelines and standard approaches to key activities (e.g. agency management, brand planning, post-activity reviews).

Flock has developed a method for the creation and embedding of marketing toolkits within a business, with four key elements that Flock can facilitate in collaboration with your marketing team:

  • Scoping: Gathering all the relevant content and understanding the relationship between each element, and the desired usage and user experience
  • Editing: Shaping all the content into a cohesive whole; creating a written theme that unifies all of the content; expressing it with a consistent tone of voice; ordering the content into distinct sections to allow easy browsing and ‘deep diving’; building in mandatory and advisory organisational requirements; reflecting external best practice
  • Visual interpretation: Working with designers to create a distinctive look and feel for the toolkit
  • Roll Out: Creating and implementing a communication and trading plan for the introduction of the toolkit

By using this approach, we are able to build strategic marketing toolkit that deliver real business benefits e.g. fast adoption by the marketing team and the wider business of your carefully and expensively developed big ideas.

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