Steve Edwards

Marketing Consultant

Steve has 20 years leading Blue Chip and start up clients in media agencies MediaCom and Manning Gottlieb OMD as Client Services Director and then founder of the specialist growth division, Beyond.

His inspiration came from a CEO of a business who simply asked what was needed to double demand for the business, how to go about it and how much would it cost.  Steve’s approach seeks to unite diverse marketing and business teams around common, consumer-centric commercial goals to harness the opportunities of technology and cultural change in the delivery of next generation products, services and communications.   As technology looks to optimise and increasingly automate at pace, this must be done within a bigger strategic vision to look up, to build a differentiating and trusted brand experience, as well as to look down, to performance goals.  Steve’s ambition is to help build organisations with effective skills, processes and technology to produce brilliant outcomes that are simple, integrated and tangible.

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