Flock at LatAm 2017 and our Top 5 Themes

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It was fantastic to see so many friends of Flock at yet another great Festival of Media, Miami. For those that weren’t able to attend, we thought we would share what top themes we took away from the event in addition to viewing the presentation Flock Associate’s USA CEO, Maarten Albarda delivered at the event.

Our top 5 themes are shown below however, we’d love to hear what you took away from the event.

LatAm is no different to the rest of the world

Despite previous misconceptions, LatAm is no different to the rest of the world. The region is going through the same profound changes and challenges as everywhere else. Clients are challenging themselves and their partners for better integration, stronger ideation, and innovation around when and where to connect with their target audiences.

LatAm is a hub of new thinking

LatAm continues to be a proofing ground for new thinking. They sometimes think of themselves, as “behind” North America or Europe, but perhaps because of some of the limitations such as, budget sizes, multiple markets and unpredictable regimes/politics, they are often far more nimble, innovative and creative. This was showcased not only in examples presented, but also in the awards nominated.

Flock and Coca-Cola Company presentation

Flock and The Coca-Cola Company presented on how The Coca-Cola Company have been using their sponsorship platforms in Sports and Entertainment as both content and media drivers around the world, with the objective to connect with youth and differentiate from other brands. Maarten Albarda, CEO, Flock Associates USA Inc shared the stage with Ricardo Fort, VP Global Sports Partnerships, The Coca-Cola Company. Ricardo delivered a short presentation showcasing the most recent examples of Coca-Cola’s evolution in using sponsorship as building blocks for story telling around brands. The core belief that sponsorship is not bought for name awareness, but to dimensionalise brands for consumers and to deliver added value opportunities for consumers to interact or meet the brand in new and refreshing ways is still true today. But at the same time, how and where Coke does that is evolving. The best example of that was Coca-Cola’s integration of their brands into the EA’s football gaming platforms. If you are interested in the presentation and the discussion, have a watch of the video below.

A new love for Miami

Miami, even if it was technically north of Miami, is an amazingly dynamic part of the world. If you haven’t been in a while, or have images in your head of tacky beach resorts, think again. Miami and Dubai are not that different…

The reinvention of the Festival of Media LatAm

The Festival of Media LatAm event has reinvented itself in terms of format and structure. The new format of a circus ring setting where the presenters were on a centre stage was unique and worked well. The themed break out rooms were also fantastic with talks in The Pavilion, TV Studio, Sports Room and Future Room relating to the context of the discussions.

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