Marketing Technology Implementation


Establish a full project structure and governance and then provide project management through to delivery of the technology in a ‘run’ state.

The success of marketing technology often depends, not on the technology itself, but on its implementation. At Flock, we’ve successfully implemented new technology solutions for many clients across the world. We know how to create project plans, how to run implementations with vendors, and how to fix inevitable issues that arise to ensure that marketing technology projects deliver on their objectives.

We fundamentally believe in building great experiences for the end user when it comes to MarTech, by working with their experience to shape your implementation plans, minimise the changes to your processes & daily routine and maximise the benefit for the end user. In short, we help your business to delight the end user with the proper implementation of marketing technology.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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  • We’ll create project teams and lay out a charter
  • We’ll discern the end user personae and the journeys they take
  • We’ll conduct technical mapping
  • We’ll identify the risks, benefits, dependencies and enablers for your transformation
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  • We’ll prepare an implementation plan and work with you to select MarTech partners
  • We’ll work with you to identify your priorities
  • We’ll collaboratively produce a testing plan
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  • We’ll draw up skills and process plans
  • We’ll aide in communication & training plans
  • We’ll write tech and data migration plans
  • We’ll conduct testing and evaluation
  • PMO of project teams

Flock are different from some other consultancies in that we have real life experience of leading and working in marketing teams. We know the tech, but we also know the people and processes those teams use. This allows us to cut back on functionality that serves no purpose, cut back on any end user experience that does not enhance the marketing product, cut back on changes to process and really focus on the technical and human behaviours required to make your marketing technology solution work effectively, right away.

We’ve successfully worked with many of the world’s best marketing technology solutions & implementation partners and use experience from each to inform our implementation plans.


  • Detailed integrated marketing technology implementation plans
  • Testing
  • Successful technology implementation
  • Ultimately, better more effective and efficient marketing


  • Understands marketing
  • Understands marketing processes
  • Understand marketers
  • Understands marketing technology
  • Proven technology implementation

Technology consultants

  • Understands marketing
  • Understands marketing processes
  • Understand marketers
  • Understands marketing technology
  • Proven technology implementation

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