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Agency Appraisal Tool


The Flock Agency Appraisal Tool enables advertisers to review and optimise their agency relationships in a simple and efficient way.

It is a simple tool that uses a 360 degree approach to unearthing what’s working well and opportunity areas within your agency roster through measuring Client on Agency, Agency on Client, Agency Self-Appraisal and Agency on Agency.



will be spent on advertising fees in 2019


of respondents said that their relationship needed improving


people are employed globally by 300,000 agencies


is how long the average agency relationship lasts

Flock creates and deploys bespoke questionnaires to an unlimited number of respondents to capture rich qualitative and quantitative data that will be analysed and reported on by Flock consultants.

Survey results are accessible via the Flock Agency Appraisal Dashboard, enabling you to review results in real-time. Further analysis can also be conducted in deep-dive stakeholder interviews.

All of this information will be delivered to you in bespoke reports. Flock will identify areas for consideration through data analysis and industry benchmarking, utilising the Flock Proprietary Benchmarks to provide you and your team with a clear view of you agency relationships.

Our best in class approach helps to build better relationships between clients and agencies, improve performance and deliver better return on investment.

  • 1

    Respondents complete survey

    360 review survey distributing tailored questions, driven by independent expertise.

  • 2

    Follow up depth interviews

    Client and Agency depth interviews to gain greater insight to support quantitative findings.

  • 3

    Analysis and reporting

    Consolidated report of quantitative and qualitative findings to identify key themes and gaps in the client and agency relationship.


Actionable recommendations derived from consolidated survey and interview findings to help drive agency performance and enhance your client and agency relationship.

Our methodology and action plans are proven to improve your client agency relationship.

  • Following the completion of multiple agency appraisal waves, 100% Client on Agency and and Agency on Client overall scores now meet expectations.
  • Client on Agency individual market scores have increased by up to 60%.
  • 10% average overall Client on Ageny score increase.


  • Dashboard access
  • Bespoke surveys
  • Data and stakeholder interview reporting
  • Consultant analysis and recommendations
  • Proprietary benchmarks
  • Action plans

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