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We developed the Flock Skills Assessment Tool to help to allow marketeers to become the best version of their professional selves.

The Flock Skills Assessment Tool is simple and adaptable, enabling the evaluation of skills and competencies at both a team and individual level. Our tools helps to inform future focused People plans that drive employee retention, personal development, better ways of working and outputs. 

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your team?


The Flock Skills Assessment Tool is very versatile and helps with many aspects of Marketing Transformation, but here are the main three,


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Understanding where the skills in your team lie and how to close any gaps is a critical driver for enabling teams and organisations to perform at the their best. Our Skills Assessment Tool can be used at a team and individual level to understand how your department’s capabilities fair against our industry benchmarks. The results are fed into a bespoke dashboard, key insights and findings are then delivered by our consultants in a consolidated report. With the support of our skills and capabilities experts, action plans are then delivered to address any opportunity areas identified as part of the evaluation. 


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Robust, future focused learning and development plans are key to employee retention and organisational growth. The data obtained from our tool provides important insights into where the individuals in your team are today and the skills and capabilities areas they require support on to be fit for tomorrow. We deliver bespoke L&D plans based on individual needs that are informed by our capabilities experts who have years of experience transforming the skills of some of the best marketing teams globally. 


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Analyse the volume and value of different marketing capabilities to inform recommendations for the Future Fit Organisation Design that best fits the future needs of the consumer and business. The data gained from our tool will help to create bespoke models that introduce new teams and ways of working, deliver cost savings, improve marketing communications and outputs.


"Flock associates played an integral role in helping to transform the Marketing & Communications function at a crucial time for BNY Mellon.  With their guidance, we designed a new structure and operating model that will better support our businesses and provide more opportunities for our people."

"One of the elements of the tool we found most useful was the benchmark information. Being able to understand where we are vs. the industry standard gave invaluable insights about the skills levels we should be expecting our team to have.​"

"We had been struggling for years to create and assess our teams against a robust framework. Being able to use and adapt the Flock framework for our organization was simple and delivered results that were easy to understand."

"The reports provide an incredible amount of detail. The data is presented in a variety of ways at multiple levels to help provide the granularity we need for people planning."

"The action plans Flock provided us with were fantastic. The learnings they shared from other brands were incredibly useful for making sure we put plans in place that would drive long-term change."

"I’s been a real challenge trying to get our marketing and business development teams working well together. The Skills Assessment Tool provided invaluable insights to get our teams organized and working together in harmony to deliver better results."


A. Marketing, Media and Business Development teams can be assessed from junior to leadership positions

A. We are able to benchmark your departments performance at a team and individual level by skill and seniority 

A. Yes

A. Yes, we will review all language, competencies and benchmarks to ensure it aligns with your nomenclature and team.

A. Yes, our skills team will manage all technical aspects of the end-to-end process.

A. We provide assessments of both.


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