Organisation Design


The Flock Organisational Design service supports rapid and thoughtful changes to the way marketing teams are structured.

We’re experienced in responding to a full range of organisation design scenarios, including mergers, digital transformations, headcount reductions and rebalancing of local, regional and global resources.

Whatever the brief, in our organisation design recommendations we always seek to prioritise proximity to the customer, simplicity, cultural fit and the ability to deliver core marketing activities.

Frequently our organisation design service will leverage the findings from our Marketing Skills Assessment Tool, with insights about the skills and abilities of the team informing decisions about how the team is structured for future success. The results from this service are also leveraged by our other capability services, as we support clients during the implementation of our recommendations.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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We evaluate the existing team structure and the future requirements for the new organisation design, leading to agreement on the core design principles.

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We work collaboratively, usually thorough workshops, to create the new organisation design. We’ll broaden the consultation to your team members at key stages in the development process, as circumstances allow.

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We support the introduction of the new organisation, preparing communication materials, writing new and updated job descriptions and running change workshops, until the new structure is embedded and self-sustaining.

We maintain a bank of organisation design examples and case studies from a wide cross-section of businesses and industries. These provide useful points of reference and inspiration during the Define and Decide phases. Of course every organisation design challenge has its own unique features but there are usually parallels from elsewhere that can be usefully applied, speeding up implementation and avoiding having to learn the hard way.


  • A written definition of the design principles for the new organisation
  • An informed recommendation and an agreed final design for the new organisation (structure charts, sub-team purpose statements, full time employee numbers, financial implications)
  • A roadmap for implementation of the new organisation
  • Materials to support implementation e.g. briefing documents, job descriptions, FAQs

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