Marketing Skills Assessment Tool


What are the gaps between the marketing skills my marketing team has today and what they need to meet the needs of consumers? How do we compare to other companies? How do I fill those gaps?

The Flock Marketing Skills Assessment Tool provides answers to these questions.

Our Marketing Skills Assessment Tool is built bespoke to your needs, identifying a combination of the technical & team marketing skills and marketing infrastructure (like technology and data) that you need to win in today's and tomorrow’s competitive environment.

The Flock Marketing Skills Assessment Tool assesses marketers ability to Know, Do and Teach each area of skill. Validated self assessment surveys identify skills competence levels and gaps across; Knowledge, Proficiency and Mastery.

Completing a Marketing Skills Assessment is quick and easy. A user friendly survey is deployed and the results captured in an intuitive dashboard that allows extensive “drill down” capabilities.


Flock creates and deploys bespoke questionnaires to respondents to capture rich qualitative and quantitative data that will be analysed and reported on by Flock Consultants.

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Survey results are accessible via the Flock Skills Assessment Dashboard, enabling you to review results in real-time. Further analysis can also be conducted in deep-dive stakeholder interviews.


All of this information will be delivered to you in bespoke reports covering the following

SAT Approach

Flock will identify areas for consideration through data analysis and industry benchmarking, utilising the Flock Proprietary Benchmarks to provide you and your team with a clear view of you agency relationships.

Our best in class approach helps to build better relationships between clients and agencies, improve performance and deliver better return on investment.


Actionable skills insights to help drive marketing performance and enhance your efficiency. In addition, you will get:

  • Your own Marketing Competency Framework
  • Individual Competency Assessments
  • ‘Whole Team’ Competency Assessments
  • Detailed assessment of your Marketing ‘infrastructure’
  • Recommendations for prioritising gaps and how to fill them
  • Guidelines for how to manage the 1-2-1 sharing of assessment outcomes


Customer specific competency framework

  • The technical competencies selected for each role (typically 2-3 per role)
  • The team competencies selected for assessment (typically 5-6)
  • The benchmark levels for each technical and team competence

Individual skills assessments

  • For each technical and team competency, individual capability assessments
  • Highlighting gaps between Team Member and Manager assessments and comparison with benchmarks

Team Assessments

  • For the whole marketing team, a report of the capability gaps for each competency (comparing the assessment of team members, their managers and benchmarks)
  • Sub-teams can also be analysed


  • A presentation session led by Flock, highlighting the key findings and implications of the assessment
  • This will include recommendations for prioritising and filling gaps

Guidance on the sharing of outcomes with team members

  • A set of guidelines for the effective communication of the results to team members
  • Including how they should interpret and apply their individual results

Access to survey data

  • Full access to all your CAT survey data (on-line or CSV file) to allow 'drill down' into the summary assessment reports
  • With further support available from your Flock team


Simply contact us and we would be delighted to take you through a demo of the tool, show you some great case studies and to answer any questions. Alternatively please feel free to fill in the form below and gain access to an online demo of both the tool and the reporting dashboard.


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