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Effective Marketing Ecosystems need specialist agency, insight, data, and technology support. Flock help to design the right agency, tech & data ecosystem to develop the best work, efficiently.

We fix broken partner relationships and drive performance. We help you find, pitch, and select the best agencies, insight, tech & data, vendors. We have runs hundreds of media, creative, production, PR, CRM, Design tech & data appraisals, and pitches. Ultimately, we ensure you get the best value from your investment in your agency, insight, data, and tech external partner resources.

Services we offer:

Agency Ecosystem Reviews

Development and identification of new agency ecosystems, resizing and reshaping agency rosters to match the ever-changing needs of brands and consumers, ensuring that future-facing diversity and sustainability is built into all elements

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We deploy our marketing leading Flock Agency Appraisal Tool to measure, evaluate and drive the performance of your agencies.

We run “Get Fit” programs that reset agency relationships and rapidly improve performance. Flock runs Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion audit and implements new future-facing strategies and plans.

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Agency Pitch Management

End-to-end process for selection of world-class agencies, pitches, evaluation/scoring, marketing team support, industry best practice, scoping, selection, transition, and measurement featuring our world-class Flock Agency Review Tool and Pitch Scoring Tool.

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Marketing Technology & Data Transformation

A full review of future technology and data requirements, audit of the current stack, analysis of potential options, develop and then build and execute the implementation plan. Our analysis includes all marketing tech & data, and agency tools including full media and AdTech solutions.

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Marketing Technology & Data Selection

Support in the identification of a set of appropriate technology, insight, and data vendors and then the rational selection of that vendor to deliver the business and functional requirements.  This includes support in the negotiation process.

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