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The industry challenge:


The steps that advertisers and agencies need to take:

There are many short and long term actions that advertisers and their agencies can take to incorporate accessibility into their advertising (click here to find out more on our toolkits in the REFRAME document). It’s important to remember that change in this space doesn’t happen overnight but even small steps can make a huge difference.


It is critical that accessibility is thought about from the beginning of every project or campaign, that your teams are aligned and clear on the challenges for accessible audiences, the actions they are taking to address these challenges and the results you are looking to achieve. This could include opting in for subtitles, including accessibility in your briefing template or completing changing your processes and ways of working.


However, many teams feel confused or restricted by costs, timings or creative considerations and so are lagging behind the industry in taking the important first steps on their accessibility journey.

Flock's solution:

We have created a simple solution that will enable brands to understand where they are today vs. the industry and the steps they need to take to deliver authentic, accessible work.

We have an agile approach that delivers a robust roadmap in only a few weeks:

Week 1: Pre-workshop survey and preparation: your stakeholders will receive a short survey to complete. Results will be benchmarked against your industry peers

Week 2: 0.5 day working session with up to 15 stakeholders. We will cover key topics around accessibility, best practice, short and long term toolkit including considerations for briefing, process and ways of working, action planning

Week 3: Workshop readout. Flock will deliver a roadmap for implementation based on the outputs of the workshops in addition to our own recommendations

What we will deliver

  1. Summary of current brand accessibility strengths and weaknesses vs. the industry
  2. Interactive and engaging workshop
  3. Roadmap for implementation including quick wins and longer-term gains

The team:

The team delivering this workshop are the authors of the Reframe Documentation and leaders of the Flock DE&I squad. They are passionate about the topic of authentic representation and together leverage their years of experience consulting for some of the world’s largest advertisers alongside their more recent work in the area of DE&I.


Please note, it is important to highlight that we are not experts in accessibility and we do not have a lived experience of accessible needs. We are however, experts in marketing transformation and making marketing better. We are leveraging this, alongside the learnings taken from our REFRAME work to deliver innovative workshops that will help to drive further change in the industry.

At Flock all our deliverables are bespoke to our clients, but here are a common few:

Team building

Getting people together, offsite can reset teams and establish new ones.

Shared ownership

Collective buy-in on visions, ways of working etc improves accountability.

Fast track

Speed up the process by getting together to speed up decisions & conversations.

Best practice

Forum for sharing best practice and to hear from different markets/people.

Action plan

People and teams leave with clear next steps and a roadmap for delivery.

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