Talent Acquisition


The Flock Talent Acquisition service is right at the sharp end of our capability building activities, enabling marketers to build the skills they need to be brilliant in their roles.

Flock provides formal training solutions in a wide range of areas, reflecting the depth and breadth of our team’s skills and experience. Topics for recent training programmes and workshops the Flock team have designed, created and delivered include Creative Production, the end-to-end Operational Marketing Process and Digital Media Buying.

Flock also partners with a large number of training providers to deliver off-the-shelf or bespoke Learning & Development solutions, designed to meet a wide range of needs.

We are passionate about the idea of mixed learning, with only 10% of all learning built around classroom training, with the remainder a combination of mentoring, role-modelling and on-the-job development. We work with our customers to build and embed a structured approach to the informal (and arguably most important) aspects of Learning & Development, so that skills can be effectively developed, consistently and at scale.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

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We work with our customers to identify Learning & Development needs. This is frequently done in conjunction with our Capabilities Assessment and leads to a clear statement of what skills need to be developed and to what level.

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Together with you we decide on the details of the Learning & Development solutions. This can include the briefs to training partners as well as the structure for the ‘informal’ elements of Learning & Development.

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Formal training is delivered by Flock and our partners, informal Learning & Development is delivered by our clients with our support and progress is evaluated, potentially through the deployment of our Capability Assessment Tool.

From time to time we work with clients on their in-house marketing academies, building and refining content, assessing and revising the curriculum and delivering specific modules.


  • A detailed Learning & Development plan, describing the development requirements for the marketing team and the L&D solutions required to meet them
  • Briefs for providers (including Flock) of the formal Learning & Development solutions and descriptions of how the informal Learning & Development solutions will be structure
  • Formal training programmes, for those areas within the Flock teams range of experience and skill e.g. strategy, operations, content development, media planning and buying, procurement

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