Agile Marketing


A tactical marketing approach in which marketing teams collectively identify high-value projects on which to focus their collective efforts.

How consumers connect and interact with brands has changed dramatically. In order for marketers to be part of this evolved world, the marketing operations model must evolve, with data and better connected consumer connections at its core. Allowing brands to be where the consumers are, talking with them rather than just to them and reacting and interacting with current topics, is vital. This means agility in the marketing process is needed to respond to consumer needs in real-time.

At its very best, process design can realise the full potential of marketing teams, enabling all team members (internal and external) to follow the same steps to deliver key activities, ensuring optimal speed, resourcing and transparency. At its worst, process design can tie-up marketers in bureaucratic knots and constrain creativity.

Flock’s Marketing Process Design will ensure your marketing team have ways of working that bring out the best in them.


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The Understand Phase:

  • Review existing documentation (Organizational design, processes & Ways of Working, MarTech, Skills
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Survey to establish Agile readiness
  • Marketing Skills Assessment
  • Align with leadership and develop Vision for Agile ways of Working. Key Recommended Actions Report
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The Development Phase:

  • Agility Gap Analysis (Skills, Organizational design, Ways of Working, MarTech) 
  • Workshop/s to decide how to transform to Agile Ways of Working
  • Workshop write up with final Vision for Agile Ways of Working & core actions documented
  • Business Case for Agile transformation and success KPIs (includes pilot tests)
  • Development of new Agile Operating Model and Change Management Plan
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The Implementation Phase:

  • Project Delivery & Management
  • Agile training and team set-up
  • Implementation of new Agile Ways of Working
  • Training
  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Ongoing Change Management

Flock consultants have worked in, and led, some of the world’s best agencies. Our team has also worked at some of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers, and we’ve run some of the most innovative and demanding agency ecosystem reviews for clients like Ford, McDonald’s, J&J, Dubai, Britvic, Sage, Mazda, Walmart (UK) and BAT.


At Flock, all our deliverables are custom-crafted for each client, but here are a common few:

  • Operations Efficiency Report
  • New process design flowcharts
  • Roles & responsibilities – RASCI matrix
  • Bespoke training modules

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