Agency Ecosystem Reviews


Flock develops and identifies new agency ecosystems, resizing and reshaping agency rosters to match the ever-changing needs of brands and consumers.

Lots of advertisers have too many agencies, of the wrong sort, doing the wrong work, with often mixed results, with the existing ecosystem usually very inefficient. The Flock Agency Ecosystem Review optimises the value that advertisers receive from their investment in agencies by designing a future-facing and consumer-led agency ecosystem. We’ll work with you to change your agency rosters, making them more effective efficient, ultimately delivering better work.

We assess the different combinations of agency types, to find the best agency models. From there, we’ll identify the best agencies to fit inside that model.

We always start with the consumer, the brands, and the future in mind.

Our 3D process to deliver your transformation

Define Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Understand what the consumers and the business needs of the agency ecosystem are in the future
  • Understand what the current ecosystem is now, and what is & isn’t working (the ‘baseline’)
Decide Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Find different agency ecosystem options and models
  • Evaluate different models
  • Select the best model
Do Blue Transparent PNG resized
  • Implement a new agency ecosystem via pitches
  • Run agency ’get fit’ exercises
  • Make changes to contracts, remuneration and governance systems


  • A more effective and efficient agency ecosystem
  • Better and more work, for less money & time
  • A sustainable agency service that can be optimised over time

Flock consultants have worked in, and led, some of the world’s best agencies. Our team has also worked at some of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers, and we’ve run some of the most innovative and demanding agency ecosystem reviews for clients like Ford, McDonald’s, J&J, Dubai, Britvic, Sage, Mazda, Walmart (UK) and BAT.

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