In-House Studio


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • Improve the quality, particularly in the consistent application of ASDA creative guidelines, of creative output
  • Reduce both the cost from the increased repurposing of existing creative assets, and the operational time spent managing external suppliers
  • Sustainably reduce the ASDA cost base and achieve the yearly savings target

The Solution:

  • Bring in-house various elements of graphic design work and condense the number of external partners employed by the various ASDA teams
  • Flock gathered all the teams creative deliverables through workshops with colleagues, taking into consideration the Eco-System tender SoW’s – from this, Flock/Asda identified potential Macro areas of scope for the IHS
  • As part of the validation, seasonality was also considered to understand resource requirements at peak times

Key Outputs & Benefits:

  • Production of the existing output, on a like for like basis, using the In House Studio is forecasted to deliver ~35% saving, equivalent to ~£500k per annum (Existing data from the incumbent agency was used as a comparable factor for costs/time)
  • An overall reduction in: production lead times, reworked creative, costs (thanks to increased repurposing of existing assets), and operational time managing external suppliers.

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