The Global Creative Pitch


Marketing Transformation Challenge:

  • To drive marketing fitness through the creation of an agile, more efficient, future-proof global agency model, building brand love and trust via connected consumer experiencess

The Solution:

  • Held workshop with Ford to develop future-proof, agile agency model
  • Conducted holding company screening & industry benchmarking analysis
  • Developed an RFI and RFP for global Omnichannel and Activation work
  • Actively planned & lead the development of & participated in all 8 stages of RFI/RFP
  • Provided detailed feedback for each agency with developed independent scoring system

Commercial items:

  • Analysed proposed agency resource
  • Developed SOW system and introduced new Flock Scoping Tool and remuneration system

Outputs & Benefits:

  • A disciplined, thorough and rigorous pitch process
  • Choice of new agency model options which found significant savings on agency fees as well as production and media costs
  • Created specific KPIs, tailored to strategic objectives and aligned to the new agency model
  • Ongoing added value secured through pitch negotiations
  • Secured access to the best creative talent from agency partners to ensure the most innovative thinking and the best quality work

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