Agency Scoping Tool


Flock have identified a marketing industry need to simplify and bring efficiency to the agency scoping process.



will be spent on advertising fees in 2019


of respondents said that their relationship needed improving


people are employed globally by 300,000 agencies


is how long the average agency relationship lasts

We can deliver instant analysis, unlock time and drive value in 5 key scoping areas:






The Flock Agency Scoping Tool transforms agency scoping from a non-transparent, labour intensive, inaccurate spreadsheet based chore into a simple, high value task that improves the value advertisers receive from their agency fees.

Agency specific standard titles and descriptions
No clear scope definitions
Highly manual, cumbersome, and tiring
Challenging user data interfaces
Cascading and aggregation of Excels
Time consuming and iterative data analysis
Industry best in class consistency
Exclusive client specific scope library
Streamlined and automated
Simpler data entry and user interface for all
Secure cloud-based platform
Real time analytics and benchmarking

The Flock Agency Scoping Tool is a secure cloud-based tool which is simple to use that allows agencies to input their fees, in response to a clients scope. The agency can review its submission before it is submitted to the client. The client can use the powerful analytics to instantly report and compare divisions, brands, scopes by period, agency, geography, discipline, job description, staff level and many other variables. Clients can benchmark costs against prior years, competitive agencies and Flock benchmarks.


A. Yes, the tool is designed to work on all types agencies

A. Yes, it manages all markets and the tool is designed to work with local currencies and foreign exchange

A. Yes, absolutely

A. Yes

A. Yes, where there is a statistically robust benchmark. We have over 400 job titles which we capture data against.

A. Yes, all that and more at the touch of a button with immediate export to excel, PowerPoint, adobe and other software as required.

A. Yes, via seasoned procurement and marketing professionals


  • Detailed scopes of work
  • Fee structure
  • Agency fee submissions
  • Pass through costs
  • Analytics and bench-marking


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